Business Continuity with Azure - Backup
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As someone who has worked in IT departments and an IT consultant for a Managed Service Provider (MSP), Business Continuity plans are something I’ve been involved in quite a lot.  Either recovering from a threat or designing a solution that could recover from a threat.


Business Continuity is the process of creating systems of prevention and recovery to deal with any potential threats to your company.  Those threats could be a natural threat, such as fire or flood or something such as an accidental misconfiguration of a system or a malicious attack from an outside source.


Whatever the threat, Business Continuity can be implemented in the form of backup and or disaster recovery.  When designing either your backup or disaster recovery solutions you need to assess the workloads within your environment understand what is important to your organisation, what isn’t.  What level of protection each of your workloads needs, what’s the impact if you lost an hours’ worth of data versus a week’s worth of data?  And design your solution around those answers.   

In this series I want to walk you through some of the options available to you when thinking about Business Continuity within your on prem environment using solutions within Azure.



Backup is something that all businesses need, regardless of what size they are, what industry they are in or whether their environment is hosted on prem or in the Cloud.  And I’d even say that home users need to have something in place to protect their data as well, but that is a whole other subject for discussion. ;)


Backup should be part of your organisations Business Continuity plan, but it shouldn’t be the only part of that plan.   Your backup should be there to help you give you peace of mind and save you in those times of need.  When an end user deletes something or even in times of a malware or ransomware attack.


Azure Backup is available to help protect your on prem and Cloud based environments.   In this video I take you through how Tailwind Traders are looking to implement Azure Backup to help protect their on prem environment.



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