Can Anyone Help?

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I signed up for a MS365 trial to test for our small company of 6 people to see how well it will work rather than the software of same we have been using for years. The process was fairly simple and I made it all the way through to the enrollment process including providing my CC# once the trial period ended. As things happened, I had to sign out of the process (I do work when I'm not messing around with MS!). When I attempted to sign back in, the MS wizards WOULD NOT recognize my name/pw. I tried the "Forgot Password" routine and it said the username did not exist. OK. So I tried to "Create an account" with the same username and it tells me the username already exists!!! Rinse, repeat, cycle unending . . . So now after the "trial" month, I have not yet been able to even use MS365 and I'm sure the payment thing is kicking in as I type. (I was also intending to delete my CC info once I got back in but . . . !!!) I CAN'T.

So last week in an effort to torture myself further, I decided to try the "talk to somebody" routine for more insight. The brick wall effort of always being referred back to SIGNING IN (WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!) is WHOLLY UNACCEPTABLE when a person actually needs help resolving the cyclical "sign-in" problem.

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@Kidd_Ip, with no malice toward your reply . . . LOL! I've pressed 1,2,3,4,whatever, held on for 1/2 hours on end and I keep getting back to the "sign into your MS account" thing EVERYTIME! There's the saying "Too big to fail." I'll add " . . . and TOO BIG to give a **bleep** about your customers who have purchased multiple products from you over the years." I can't even use Office 365 and now I'm being billed because I can't even get into it to cancel!