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Currently working on a local AD forest / domain tear down process and looking to remove the current AD synch process.


The forest is currently synchronizing to a multi domain O365 tenant which also has AD Sync running from other domains in a different forest.


What is the best safest way to remove AD sync from the legacy Forest / Domain with out impacting the other forest / domains synch process?


Looking forward to you advise.



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@Tony Down 


Hi, In the legacy domain , it is really important that the 'Source Anchor' in AD connect is set to 'Object Guid' and not 'msds-consistencyguid'. For example the legacy domain has probably had all the users' migrated into the primary domain and the primary domain is using the latest version of AD Connect or at least version 2*. The 'msds-consistencyguid' attribute is unique per tenant.


So if there are no active users in the legacy domain, and for example the users were all migrated to a new domain , then there should be no problem in turning off the old ad connect server. Browse to the AD Connect section in Azure AD and delete the legacy AD connect server.




@Tony Down 

I believed you are talking about ADConnect, please refer to below link for the rules check: