Social Sessions with Mike Gannotti Episode 1 - Fabian Williams and Katie Coriell
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Social Sessions with Mike GannottiSocial Sessions with Mike Gannotti  In this Social Session, episode 1, I speak with Katie Coriell and Fabian Williams about their solution for capturing, and visualizing, sentiment analysis around current healthcare concerns. The solution they have built is published and can be freely replicated by organizations who have the needed components. To create the solution they used a combination of Azure data and cognitive services along with Microsoft 365 Power BI. Along the way we get to know the two, their professional journeys, recent trips to the artic and more!

Tune in to the video for something a bit different in this inaugural Social Sessions video where we mix the entertaining with practical information. We do it all with No Agenda, No Takes, and No Rules, all in Microsoft Teams.

Tune in next Monday where I will be joined by traveler extraordinaire, and Microsoft 365 MVP, Mr. Joel Oleson!  


* The unedited, machine learning, Transcipt from this session can be seen below

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Transcript from Social Sessions Episode 1

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No agenda no takes and no rules.

With Mike generally.

All right let's get out of that share there and I want to welcome everybody to social sessions this is our inaugural social session I'm very excited we have 2 fantastic individuals today we have Katie coryell and longtime friend of mine Fabian Williams the man and we have some very interesting things that we're going to talk about today but as you all know right now we're in the middle of this whole pandemic kind of thing so.

First before we jump into anything.

What're you 2 what have you been up to how how are you handling this U and you know family friends.

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Katie you wanna share first how you handle this.

I've been doing so outside of work and um.

Community projects with Fabian Ah no, it's been doing a lot of DIY and I moved into a new apartment February 17th. Move this to yes, it was one of those that it actually been in the works for about a year and I was waiting for kind of the right opportunity, right apartment and all of that and that got like ironed out over.

Christmas and New Years and so then yeah move to New York City from DC on February 17th and I left for a road trip in um far North Norway Sweden Finland on February 21st and I came back March 1st to a whole different world.

On the power BI side and show like so showing of um the report and all of that it's the by.

Hopefully it's not in like production level, or I mean it's public and people can go take the survey, but it's not like what we would consider, um, like the the official published sort of sure production level. Just because there's some resources that are still outside of our range in terms of like power BI premium and things like that. But yeah, no, I mean, it's the I've been just like Fabian talked about. I've been mostly remote.

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For gears, I mean from grad school too. 'cause I was I taught well. Is a grad school, but online classes and um, I mean I even did a stem cell transplant. Um from my hospital like I mean being in the hospital teaching intro archaeology at Wichita State with this solution. Now you're working nights weekends, yeah, and you have other personal things going on. So like I know Fabian is fitting this in his family.

An Katie, you're fitting this with.

Let me let me do this setup. No, let me do this setup. Katie and I are working on and um, will actually mentioned before. She does this clinical trial there on two occasions. One when we were doing a meeting with the Microsoft folks and we're just demo in this to them and she she was at Hopkins that data and another time the first time, which totally like told me off guard is we're working on something and I'm hearing doctors talking to her. I'm hearing beeping going off and say are you OK? Yeah, it's just this. Keep going.

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That was really shocking. But where were you?

No, I mean, I was a sitting in treatment room at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Um, I'm getting treated while you're working on the solution, yes.


It's and the reason of the another like the other call that Fabian mentioned that with Microsoft folks. Um, I that was the day I got tested that Thursday, and then I had to come back the next day for treatment, so that shouldn't have happened. So I should have been home to be able to that call.

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Yeah, yeah.

So you're getting treated your with your family and your kids, and putting puzzles together and between so from.

The day you decided to start this project, yeah, doing this part time and you you both fitting this in where you can and what till this V2 piece that you just that you finished how? What kind of time frame you don't have wings so 2 1/2 weeks to build something leveraging Azure. Yeah for the data storage cognitive services pump it out give this rich view an power BI and allow slice and dicing.

Yep, and I would say that we, we, we could have gone out the door with V1 and it just it just wouldn't affect the fitness standards that what Katie wanted to have from a business standpoint from V2 to V from V1 to V2 is more around the visualization than it was around the code because the code was locked X there are things that we needed to do to get extra data. But it was more individuals insights. I'm saying halfway through. It cold locked solution done and how the other half is Katie really refining this and get into a place where.

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Cheap and hyper computable. Putting this out so people can actually use it.

So the big question you know is going to be as folks they see something like this. Um, if people are interested in learning more about it, learning, you know, connecting with the both of you, what? What should they be doing?

Um, that we come, you know, connect with us on Twitter, which is at Fabian Williams because I've been blogging, I don't know. I'm I've been blogging and tweeting about this. So the link for the story in the link for the power BI reports are going to be there.

Go to 8 and I'll send you the link for We have four blog posts that walk you through the vision and strategy the end user experience, a technical walkthrough and wrap up. And it's very short blog post, but it has video of us going through in detail about what we did so you can learn about it. But we I think is that you have also take the survey and look at the reports and provide some feedback.

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And Katie, if um, yeah. So I um, actually going to sort of start block. I'm going to start blogging about sort of power BI part um. My personal website is Kate from I'm from Kansas so not the other AWS.

And then Twitter it's Kate query L and then also um I post a lot on Instagram so maybe you also have the thing that you published in some store right the power BI thing you could publish that somewhere that back in a Gallery Oh yeah and then yeah we did also in so power BI community website they have data stories Gallery right so it is.

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The report is also there nice. OK, so you know, it's kind of a wrap this this bit up is.

It sounds like then in this case you guys spent. This time you you, you know solution out to meet a need, but it's stored now. This is more of a, you know help others. To is this community piece not really product that people are going and buying right there right?

'cause you know the number at Microsoft MVP already. So a lot of, well, MVP do is centered around activism. So yeah, that was efficient here.

Maybe as well. This is not something we're going to be charging a fee for. This is something that we're going to put out there just to make people aware, but also serve a good purpose. I'm looking into right now so it's really helping to. Katie was saying You've done education stuff. This is really show me how teach main 'cause I could see I mean just the fact that you're using the cognitive services right with soft responses and being able to then visualize that data there. I mean, there's a million implica applications around that.

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The folks could benefit from this just happens to be this instantiation, right? That one use case. Yeah, this is one of many. Yeah, well, it's it's also it's the so much like I think majority of us are cooped up in our houses and having cabin fever. And it's the.

It took tell it like it was the end of last week that I.

Finally, like realized of, there's a difference between quarantine work and remote work. Yeah, and I mean even, yeah, I like I moved. I went on vacation and I came back March 1st to a different world. And other than.

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It's I'm actually I'm so thankful that Fabian reached out to me about this project because I was like.

Mental health wise I mean I had no motivation and I was not inspired for anything for like my own work and then I think you're not alone in that no and and so this actually this help like spark a lot for me also professional it like in my big kid job um and but it's also it's the.

Every day when I look at it it does like.

Completely like I don't think it's not a crappy thing and try not to cast some I was raised by paid people um so I'm going to be brat.

And so but no but seeing that all these feelings that I have it's it's pretty universal everyone's struggling everyone's having really rough days um Fabian are like.

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Really lucky that we have jobs right now I know so many people that have that have been let go or furloughed um I mean like aeronautical engineers are being furloughed right now and so you'd never think engineers so it's just it's it's difficult I know I know front like I have friends weddings have been now postponed and other other friends that are hoping to be able to have their wedding July 3rd.

Yeah I think you know if I if I look at what the 2 of you have done and I think it's awesome because you know very different backgrounds working remote in all this 2 things one you've produced this great piece that people can take and use to start looking at you know how this could help them they can give feedback into your project but then they can also take those learnings and start to look at other applicable it Ian leverage these kind of tools.

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The complicate that and the second really is that you know, apart from the tech, it's in times like these. It's finding something that we can have our daily job, or maybe we're not with one at the present. But if you communicate and start to work with other folks around something that has some purpose right, a common purpose to deliver something it provides some motivation. It provides a sense of accomplishment.


If you number one from a professional standpoint, you're helping others, and if you know possibly helping others, but you can also use it as an opportunity to network to get out there. And if you if you were unfortunate enough to be one of those folks who didn't use that time to again.

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Work, work with others network. Push something out that others can benefit from and then that can help you in the post pandemic timeframe as far as or even in to maybe network and connect and start doing something absolutely right, is it?

Well, I want to thank you both. Alright, thank you Mike.


This is our inaugural social sessions. I hope that everybody who's watched this has learned something. We're very fortunate to have these two Azar first speakers, so thank you, Katie, thank you Fabian. Stay tuned in the future. We're going to be cranking out. I actually have another recording I'm doing today. We're going to be releasing one a week of these social sessions and you're going to get to meet a whole host of very interesting folks like the ones we had today.

Learn a little bit about them, learn a little bit about some tech that can benefit you.

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And get social and with that this is Mike.

Favian, Katie.

Great day everybody. Take care and is always.

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