Microsoft and FHIR - Powers combined!
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FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) describes how to use resources and an API to exchange electronic medical records (EMRs). 

With the introduction of Azure API for FHIR (PaaS)Microsoft has joined the battle to help bring healthcare records to the patient's hands. 

The API has been out for about 2 years now and there are many beginner-level tutorials. However, a lot of tutorials we found online have been lack luster in providing examples for real-life scenarios.

How does this service tie to a practitioner's day to day interaction with their patients?

How do you create a simple questionnaire for patients when they visit a hospital?

How do patients create a schedule to make an appointment with their doctors?

Even after deciding which scenario to focus on, FHIR documents are hard to comb through and it makes it almost impossible for casual developers to develop even a simple solution. 


So, what did we do?

Instead of writing a whole bunch of documents (which we also did, :lol:) that have tendencies to go stale in few weeks, we’ve come up with few solutions that are ready to be downloaded and deployed!

FHIRBlaze (repo)

This is our C# app built on Blazor and Firely library.

  • See list of Patients
  • Add/Update/Remove Questionnaire.
  • Allow Patients to answer Questionnaire and save it to a QuestionnaireResponse.
  • See the result of the QuestionnaireResponses through PowerBI dashboard

Add/Search Patients:


Add/Search Practitioners:




List Questionnaires:



Edit Questionnaire



Graphir (repo)

Secure standalone .NET service with GraphQL layer on top of

  • Auth/Authz using AzureAD
  • Leverages HotChocolate (nuget package) library to enable graph query/mutation on existing rest api (Firely)

Retrieving Patients but only the necessary fields: 



SMART on FHIR (repo)

Another Blazor application to get started on SMART on FHIR. Checkout our blog here       

  • Fetches Patient FHIR data
  • Displays Patient information using FHIR Visualizer
  • Allows User to Modify Patient information


FHIRPower (repo)

This is our Appointment app for both patient and practitioner.  The power app makes a connection to the FHIR db using Azure API for FHIR Connectors. It retrieves and updates FHIR’s Patient/Practioner/Schedule/Appointment components using minimal code.


Patient Portal:


Clinician Portal:





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