Insert a Microsoft Form in to OneNote for Testing and Surveying – HLS Show Me How
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The other day I posted a “Show Me How” video where I demonstrated how to insert Microsoft Stream video content in to a OneNote for use by clinicians for training, for meeting recordings by researchers, and more. One of my healthcare customers saw the post and followed up with me with a great question. They wanted to know if there was any way to then verify that a nurse or other clinician had in fact watched/read the content. They also wanted to know if they could quickly test the nurse clinician to verify their mastery of the content. The beauty of using Office 365 is that it provides easy to use tools that readily integrate and provide powerful capabilities that unlock users creativity and productivity.

In this “Show Me How” video I demonstrate how you can easily create and insert a Microsoft Form within OneNote for clinician training, researcher surveying, and more. This video is an extension of the solution presented earlier this week on Leveraging Microsoft Stream Content Within OneNote.



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