What is happening to the Company attribute in the admin centers?


Hello Exchange folks,


For quite some time I've been noticing that the Company attribute is disappearing from the administrative interfaces.


At this moment you can only change the Company field through GUI in:

old Exchange admin center (https://outlook.office.com/ecp)


You cannot change this in:

Microsoft 365 Admin Center (https://admin.microsoft.com)

Azure AD (https://aad.portal.azure.com/) my mistake, you still can

new Exchange Admin Center (https://admin.exchange.microsoft.com/)


Does anybody know why Microsoft is skipping this attribute in their new GUI's?





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Hi @Coert Kastelein 


I can see the company attribute in the old ECP and AzureAD, but not the new Exchange control panel.


Old Exchange console:


Recipients > Mailboxes > Select User and Edit > Organisation > Company





On the User Profile Screen(Preview) the company name is under the job info section - I can edit it with AAD as the source.




Wasn't able to find it at all on the new Exchange experience. I hope they do add it on as some of our clients have tenants made up of multiple companies, and the company attribute is used with signature management software to populate signatures. 


Although it's quite possible that my tenant hasn't had an update and I'll see the above disappear. 

@HidMov You're right, don't know how I got that idea. Thanks.


Still the new 365 and Exchange admin centers show no sign of it.