Users in Dynamic Distribution groups are no longer getting emails grom the group when moved to a new

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We are in the process of doing some cleanup in AD. We are a hybrid environment and all users have been migrated to 365 ( about 2 years ago) . We have created a new OU and I have moved users up to the new OU. Also verified I can view the members in the Dynamic group after moving them. The Dynamic groups have not been moved. When I send a test email to group EX: _dl_Office_Managers (which is based on the title Office Manager) and do a mail trace, the email goes to the dynamic group but not to the users mailbox. I have verified this new OU is syncing in Azure. And have compared the old OU with the new OU and everything is the same. When I move the users back to the old OU and do a sync, the users get the emails from the dynamic group. Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

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