Roadmap after Exchange 2016 for on-premise

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we are migrating to Exchange 2016 (on-prem) end of this year, but what is the plan at MS after Exchange 2016?

Will there still be on-premise versions or it is the last on-prem?




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Any information about the next version wouldn't be talked about publicly now- even if that has been decided. I look at this a different way. Why would you want to stay on-prem if there were a next version?

Hi Arne,


I my vision Exchange should have more on-prem versions, because there are many costumers that have it and it will still have it in future because they have rules that could not go to cloud. We have a lot of Upgrades and it will continue.

we have regular restrictions (US export control), no data could be saved outside of our campus

when we don't get more a on-prem solution (in the next 5 years, after exch 2016), than we run in a "big" problem

Well, 2016 will be suported for what, 10 years - until 2026? I suspect the laws will also change over time as well. As for the next on-prem version, if one will be released, no one here can tell you publicly w/o violating a NDA., so at this point all you can do is wait and see...

The support of Exchange 2016 is:



Perry Clarke, Corporate Vice President Microsoft Exchange, wrote:


  • "The Exchange engineering team is hard at work developing the next version of Exchange.
  • We expect the next on-premises version to be released according to our traditional release cadence (2-3 years after the previous version).
  • Microsoft has no plans to stop delivering on-premises releases of Exchange.




While we are enthusiastic about the cloud, we also understand that our customers will transition to the cloud at their own pace. Many customers will remain on-premises or in hybrid deployments for the foreseeable future, and we want to keep delivering our newest and best features to them. Fortunately, our development process allows us to do that. We have a single code base that serves both cloud and on-premises customers, so we can deliver innovation to both groups."


See Exchange Server: The Road Ahead


Many thanks Jeff for the update from Perry Clarke !

Well, it's from 2013! :)

I would ask this at Ignite this year!