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 I use online exchange and i want to setup so that an external application can send mail via our EXO.


I first created a connector with this setting (se below) = all external mails stop working NOT good

Mail Flow Scenario: Partner ot Office365
Name: zxy
Status: On
How to identify your partner ...:    *
Security restrictions: Partners IP addresses


1. Why could we not receive external e-mails when the above connection was on? From what I undertand exo do not need any connectors to work!


2. If I want to activate relay from an external application, what settings should it be? 

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Hi @Vasil Michev 


Thanks for your reply. 

In what part of the URL do i see info about External relay to  my Office365 (from: Partner org - Connection to Office 365) and settings on that?


The main question is still how this could happen, is it so that if i create connector will i always takeover?

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Method #3 is the connector-based one, follow the steps therein. You do not need a "partner" connector, that's a different use case.
Thanks again @Vasil
Will this configuration stop all external emails from entering our O365 except those in the alowed IP span? OR will it still work as now and just open up relay for the IP addresses that I have entered in the Relay? I want to be 100 because last configuration (see above) stoped all external emails entering our O365.

No it will not stop all external emails. And you don't need to use this method, unless all the other ones are inapplicable.