Need help with deprication of ExchangeSecurityDescriptor from EXOV2 to EXOv3.

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Hi Everyone,

 I had a script running in EXOv2 version where the script had following part.

(Get-EXOMailbox -propertyset all -RecipientTypeDetails SharedMailbox -Identity "username" -Properties ExchangeSecurityDescriptor).DiscretionaryAcl.Count


Using this i was able to identify if delegates are present for the delegator provided.

Can someone please help me with any suggestions here for the equivalent EXOv3 cmdlets if available?

I tried with following

$sharedMailboxes = Get-EXOMailbox -RecipientTypeDetails SharedMailbox -ResultSize Unlimited

# Retrieve ExchangeSecurityDescriptor for each shared mailbox
$sharedMailboxes | ForEach-Object {
$mailbox = $_
$securityDescriptor = Get-EXOMailboxPermission -Identity $mailbox.DisplayName |
Where-Object { $_.User -eq 'NT AUTHORITY\SELF' }

$mailbox | Select-Object DisplayName, LinkedMasterAccount, @{
Name = 'ExchangeSecurityDescriptor'
Expression = { $securityDescriptor }
}, GrantSendOnBehalfTo


but its like increasing the number of calls i am making to powershell.




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