Moving passive mailbox database copy files and logs from folder to mount point with same path name

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I have recently inherited an exchange 2010 environment running on a 3 node DAG, 2 in prod and 1 in DR which has passive copies.

An example database path and log:

The mbx1 and log1 folders are actually folder mounts points of volumes presented from a SAN, far so good.

On the 3rd node in DR which has only passive copies, all but except one dB has not been created using folder mount point instead it is stored directly on the C drive, this is causing space issues. The SAN hasn’t got any more free space to present another volume that can be mounted as a symbolic link. So I have an option to use the E drive which has plenty of space, as this is dag I’m not going to be changing dB path, but instead create a folder mount point targeting a folder in the E drive instead.

As I need to maintain the same folder path and name before I can create a folder mount point matching the real folder on the C drive, I need either delete or rename existing folder and the I can create a junction point with same name and copy the mailbox dB and logs into here.

So I am thinking
Put the DR server in DAG maintenance mode.
Stope all exchange services including information store.
Rename the existing folders for mbxdb1 and log1 to something like mbxdb1old and log1old.
Create junction point in C drive with the correct existing names mbxdb1 and log1 pointing to folders in the E drive.
Move database and log files from the renamed folder to the new junction folder.
Start all exchange services
Stop maintenance mode.

In the end I haven’t changed the dB path anywhere, all I have done is moved from folder to mount point with same path.

Is this going to work? Suggestions please and correct me if iam wrong
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