Issue with Office 365 Shared Mailbox / AD Sync Tool.

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Ahem, this method is "known" for years, but it's a little shady with respect to the license agreement. I would not recommend using it unless you want to run into trouble with the Microsoft licensing folks.

Dear Vasil,


Ya, totally agree with you and not recommending this to implement this in any organization. But thought to just notify the team for fixing. 



Yahkoob, just because software piracy isn't 100% enforceable doesn't make it ok. With this level of detail and phrases like "the only drawback" you're not reporting a bug, you're advocating piracy. Besides, even if this was a bug, this is not how "responsible disclosure" works...

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Sorry and thanks for notifying me, its my bad and i dont want to spread any wrong window against any MS product.


I am withdrawing my post.


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