Install Exchange 2016 before or after upgrade DC's ?

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Hello everyone.
I am about to install Exchange Server 2016 CU23 in my organization. I have ADDS running on functional level 2012R2.
If I install Exchange now and later upgrade my domain controllers to 2016 and upgrade the functional level to 2016, should I have any problems? Or is it recommended that I first upgrade the DC's to 2016 and upgrade the functional level before installing Exchange?

Thank you very much for your help.
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when you run the CU23 on your Exchange 2016 the setup will run prerequisites check on your environment and if your FL needs upgrade it will show you. The preparation of the domain comes first before any Exchange CU
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Hi @neok7 


Checked the Exchagne 2016 Prerequistites. You can install Exchange 2016 and upgrade your DC's later.






@eliekarkafy I know that FL 2012R2 is compatible with Exchange Server 2016.
The question is another, and that is if I upgrade the FL to 2016 after having installed Exchange , if this will not bring me problems later.

No, it will not since FL 2012 R2 and FL 2016 are compatible with the EX2016