In-place archive - how can I make sure that message that are in archive stays there forever?

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With Exchange online-in-place archive, how can I make sure messages that goes to inplace archive stays there forever? We currently have E5 license with Exchange Online Plan 2.  The default mailbox folders are using DPT and same with In-place archive.


If my DPT (parent folder policy) is set to move messages to archive after 2 years and this same policy is applied to In-place archive, does this mean message will only be retained in in-place archive for two years and then it will be deleted?  Does this mean I am only keeping messages for 4years in total?


I hope someone can provide some clarification on this.



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No, messages will be kept in the archive indefinitely. Unless you also have a default tag with a "delete" action.
How can i validate that archive will be kept indefinitely? Also, if messages will be kept indefinitely aren’t the archive storage will get full?