IMAP Migration Sync: One way or Two way? and integrity check?

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I would need to do a IMAP migration sync from a cPanel-based Dovecot email server to Office 365/Exchange Online using the method shared in this article.


I have two questions:

  1. Does the IMAP migration sync, sync 1-way or 2-way?
    1. 1-way sync: any changes on the source server/mailbox will be implemented in O365 mailbox. 
    2. 2-way sync: any changes on the source mailbox and/or O365 mailbox will be implemented in both source server/mailbox and in O365 and vice-versa
  2. How do I check the integrity of the migrated emails/batch?
    1. I see some people are reporting some issues with IMAP migration in forums. Just wanted to know if there are any methods of checking the integrity and completeness of the migrated data.


Feel free to drop-in any tips or experiences in using IMAP Migration Sync in general/cPanel Email server/Dovecot Email server.



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If you are looking at the built-in IMAP migration, it is definitely only one-way (source-to-target). Checking the consistency is very much a manual step, as you'll have to compare item counts, or even a visual check.


Depending on the size of the migration, I'd suggest you look into 3rd-party tools which may be able to help on the reporting before/after migration.

I'm actually looking for a 3rd party software that works with Dovecot (Linux based, cPanel email), that way, I don't have to change the password of all the users.

Do you know of any?


There's a few that can do IMAP migrations; no specific cPanel integrations I know of. But the latter seems unnecessary. Take a look at MigrationWiz (Bittitan), SkySync, ...