How to Release a qurantined email sent to a Distribution list.

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Hello everyone,

Imagine we have a distribution list with a few members in Office 365.

Quarantined notifications are sent to this distribution list according to a custom quarantine notification policy.

When members receive this notification and click on "view" or "release" for a message, it opens up the quarantined portal, but there doesn't appear to be anything there.

I'm wondering how a distribution list member can actually view or release that message.

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Generally messages sent to a DL are treated as if they were sent to the user. Can an admin see the message in the quarantine? Perhaps it's expired or been removed from the quarantine. Try a message trace on the message or even hunting in Defender if you can
Yes, Admin can see the messages by clicking the "Review Message" link in notification
I appreciate your comprehensive response.

However, the situation I'm dealing with is different from the one described above. The approach outlined appears to work effectively when a quarantined email notification is sent to an actual recipient whose message has been quarantined.

In my specific scenario, the challenge arises when a spam email is sent to a distribution list (DL) and subsequently gets quarantined. In this case, since the recipient is a DL, the entire process encounters limitations.

Based on my testing, it has become evident that the minimum permissions required for a user, whether they are a member of the DL or any other group, to view or release a message from quarantine necessitate Quarantine Admin rights.

I also sought assistance for this issue on the M 365/Exchange Online community, but unfortunately, no one was able to provide a correct solution/answer
Hmmm...I guess that sounds logical if the message is quarantined before it gets sent to individual email addresses. Not the best user experience I agree.