Guidance Needed: Minimizing Impact on User End during Domain Change in Exchange Hybrid Environment

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I am writing to seek guidance on minimizing the impact on user end during an upcoming domain change within our Exchange Hybrid environment. Currently, our setup comprises an AD Server, AD Connect, Exchange On-Prem Server, and Exchange Online.

Here are the key details of our environment and the changes planned:

We are operating in an Exchange Hybrid environment with an existing AD Server, AD Connect, Exchange On-Prem Server, and Exchange Online.
While the domain in our AD Server remains unchanged, we are undergoing changes in Username, Email, SMTP address, and M365 Tenant Name due to organizational ownership alterations.
Our internal domain structure is straightforward and not directly correlated with the organization name.
The organization name change will also entail a modification in our public domain.
There has been no migration of the AD Server; however, we will be changing the UPN domain, Email Address prefix, and SMTP address prefix.
Given these circumstances, I am seeking advice on the best approach to execute this transition with minimal impact on the end-user experience. Specifically, I am concerned about the implications for Outlook Profiles, Teams Profiles, OneDrive profiles, and the accessibility of OneDrive/SharePoint shared link URLs.

I would greatly appreciate your expertise and recommendations on the most effective strategy to manage this transition while ensuring a seamless experience for our users.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and insights.

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Are you only changing the name of the M365 tenant, or doing a full-blown tenant to tenant migration? Those are two very different processes and it's hard to give specific recommendations without knowing what you are going to be doing.

Generally speaking, if you are changing the UPN, the way people are logging in to their apps will change, so you need to communicate this clearly. In addition, some apps will require reconfiguration in order to reflect the changes, which might be a mute point if you are actually doing a t2t migration, though there are some third-party tools that might help on that front. Either way, communication is key.
Yes, I'm changing the Tenant Name and the username, email address domain name. Since it's now becoming urgent, can you please suggest me the best way out. And please suggest third party solution if there are any available.
The issue I'm currently facing revolves around the necessity for end users to recreate their Outlook profiles, re-sign in to Teams and OneDrive, and reshare URLs from OneDrive following a UPN domain name change. Additionally, with the impending tenant name change in the second phase, the shared URLs from OneDrive and SharePoint will once again require resharing as the URLs will be reformed with the new tenant name.

I'm seeking insights on the best approach to handle these challenges with minimal disruption to our users. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.