Focused Inbox not working

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Finally got Focused Inbox to appear in my Windows Outlook 2016 client yesterday, after finally enabling Modern Authentication in our Exchange Online tenant. It had been present and working in my Mac Outlook 2016 client, as well as in both OWA and iOS Outlook clients, just missing from the Windows Outlook 2016 client. However, it seems to have stopped working, in all clients!


So, two things have occurred recently, which may have affected this functionality.


(1) A few days ago, I uninstalled and reinstalled the Office 2016 suite on my Macbook, and installed the latest version from our Office 2016 tenant (E3 corporate license). I only mention this because I saw someone else report a similar problem that started after installing or upgrading his Mac client.


(2) I enabled Modern Authentication in our Exchange Online tenant yesterday. I don't believe this to be the culprit because Focused Inbox is confirmed working for at least one of my co-workers, so the problem seems to be limited to my mailbox.


I've reviewed both the tenant and mailbox settings, and both show Focused Inbox as enabled. Where else can I check, or how else can I troubleshoot this issue? I'm really bummed because Clutter was so useful, and now everything is going to my inbox. I've been using "Move to Other" all day, but so far it's not getting the hint. :)  Any ideas? Thanks!


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I have the latest Office 365 applications on my work PC, home PC and home laptop.  My home PC shows ALL UNREAD and MENTIONS at the top of my inbox, it does not show FOCUSED or OTHER.  

Have no idea how to fix this but the Outlook and Office versions are the same on all computers, just this one im on now has no FOCUSED inbox, and its not available in the view settings either...


Who knows.


I solved my problem this way.

Logged into the webmail interface for Outlook(Office 365).


Navigate to options>Mail>Layout>Focused Inbox.

For some unknown reason my radio button had been set to "Don't Sort Messages".  I flipped it back to "Sort Messages into Focused and Other".

I have the same problem, everything was working without issue ever since focused Inbox was introduced, then one or two days ago it just stopped working. everything in options is set to sort by focused inbox, Outlook has forgotten or stopped understanding what a focused/ other email is. I have tried all that I can from a user point of view as I am not an admin on our exchange.


Any Other ideas or help?

@Kevin DurhamI'll assume this has been resolved on your end since it's been almost a year.  The only solution that works is to create a new profile.  Nothing else seems to work.

Necropost, but has anyone ever found a proper solution to this? My Focused Inbox has been working flawlessly for a few years now, but all of a sudden it's gotten flaky. Messages it was throwing into other per my request are no longer going there, while others do. Also sometimes I'll see one of the messages in Focused but if I switch to Other it displays there as well and if I go back to Focused, it's gone from there, like the view is messed up.