Exhange Error with Outlook Credentials

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I have an issue with one user where everytime they open Outlook the Windows Security pop up prompts them for their password. They enter the password and ask it to remember it but after clicking ok, the pop up comes straight back. 

We are using Office 365 Pro plus version 1908, Windows 10 version 1909, and on premise AD. We've cleared credential manager, repaired the software, uninstalled and reinstalled it, deleted the ost files and ran a script to clear all traces of Office from the registry (not in that order). The same thing happens in safe mode. 


When checking event viewer the only thing I could see was that it keeps losing the connection to exchange after loading the exchange plug in. All other Office apps are ok and connect via autodiscover.

Has anyone else come across this and is there anything else I can try? I'd normally re image the machine but can't do that remotely at the moment. 

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Are you using Exchange on-premises or ExO and where is the user mailbox located? This can be an autodiscover-related prompt, either to his own account or any shared mailbox/calendar he has added to the profile. Or be caused because of modern auth requirements, etc. 

@Deleted We are having the exact same issue you are describing here at our office and have been dealing with it for quite sometime with no fix in sight.  I would love to know if a fix is found and if there are others experiencing the same issue.  We have a local exchange server in our office.  I will be forwarding this thread on to our IT techs as well.  Thanks.

@Vasil Michev 


Hi Vasil


We're using exchange online and on premise AD. They do have access to another users mailbox which is picked up via automapping so we could try to turn that off? It started happening after they changed their password in OWA so I also think it's an autodiscover problem, but not sure what. The strange thing is that they are still receiving emails. I've turned on Enable troubleshooting logging in Outlook to see if that tells me anything.


@jponce77 We've resolved it in the past by re-imaging the laptop but its not ideal every time it happens. For now they're using OWA which works fine. I've read a lot of posts about it so it seems fairly common, but none of the solutions have worked for us so far. 

Autodiscover issues wont prevent you from receiving messages, once the profile is successfully configured. You can run the SaRA tool to address the most common issues there: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/about-the-microsoft-support-and-recovery-assistant-e90bb691...


Better yet, open a support case to have it properly troubleshooted.