Exchange Online - Issue with Search in Outlook


It looks like a systemic issue - more and more users experience the same issue, different tenants.

The search results in Outlook Desktop don't include CURRENT e-mails (eg. last 7 days, search "from" & especially for internal senders with @ in the phrase) AND not show ANY results for SharedMailbox/es (current folder seach mode). Otlook 16.0.14701.20254 64bit. The issue occures on managed (AADJ) and unmanaged devices, W10 10.0.19042.1415 / 10.0.19044.1415 so far. Any ideas? Service Health doesn't mention any issue like this. More users get affected in the last days of 2022...

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If you can reliably reproduce this, best open a support case.
Thx, tickets opened. Rebuilding the index doesn't fix the issue.

Issue has not been solved yet. Indexing looks not to be the root cause.

Did you replicate the search in OWA first? Rare for client issues to impact OWA, but a good first step to rule out the issue in the cloud.  Back to Outlook, do you get different results when searching in Offline, Online, and Cached Exchange Modes, or the same results in each of those modes?

OWA works fine, only Client is affected. Serach "From" (the default when selecting a sender from drop down search field) delivers false results. Searching for "keywords" shows proper results. I didn't check Offline. All is cached and fully indexed. PCs are AADJ, Business Premium. Support guidance: "While outlook is closed, control panel>>select the program (Microsoft Office 365 Business - en-us>>Right-click and repair (if there is no repair option), click on "change" and then repair>>wait for it to complete and refresh your PC from the desktop or restart it." Tomorrow will know the outcome.
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Resolution: Repair Office 365.

Control Panel > Select the program (Microsoft Office 365 Business - en-us > Right-click > "Change" > and then Repair > Wait for it to complete > Restart PC
It requires local admin rights on the device.

Question: can we "repair" with Intune / Microsoft Endpoint Manager? Anybody knows?

Same issue here.

many other issues the last couple of days with Exchange Online and Outlook .... 

Today MSFT reports isssue with Shared Mailoxes on Outlook Desktop Client:
A small percentage of users' shared mailboxes aren't automatically refreshing new email in the Outlook desktop client
EX316072, Exchange Online, Last updated: January 26, 2022 9:36 PM
Microsoft gave up on this issue. Completely broken search in the Outlook app since January. Repair doesn't do anything, this is all in the tenant and it's cascading down to the app.

Try this:
- Click 'Junk Mail' folder
- Type in something to search in the top bar, and search all folders
- Click on any safe result that comes up

You'll see it filters the links as if that result was actually in Junk Mail

I won't even get started on searching for partial words or phrases in Outlook, that ship has sailed.

If you have a Shared Folder that stops updating/sync'ing:

- Go to the Advanced account tab where you'd set up Shared Folders and uncheck 'Advanced Shared Calendar features'
- Click OK
- Go back to accounts and disable Offline cache
- Restart Outlook and reenable Offline cache

It seems to clear up that issue for now...

Oh, and, don't forget, if you're missing mail you're expecting, go check online in the Quarantine you don't know you have! So many SMB's are lighting up my phone due to missing email these days...