Exchange Calc 8.4 Example Data

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just curious and would like to know if somone running this many servers in a JBOD configuration.

Data below is from the latest Calc 8.4 from Role Requirement Tab. I' curious if you are running this many server then how do you manage the hardawre, OS and Exchange Patches etc? Do yo uhave army do it or all done by automation?



Recommended Minimum Number of Dedicated E2013 Client Access Servers------0
Number of DAGs------9
Number of Active Mailboxes (Normal Run Time)4000040000888980000
Number of Mailbox Servers / DAG8816144
Number of Lagged Copy Servers / DAG0000
Total Number of Servers / DAG8816144
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Hi Adnan,


Not so many, but with that number it should be Virtual Servers and the patching normally are done with SCCM with the OS and the Exchange using Scripting and Packages to deploy to Exchange Servers.

so if virtual servers then what is the point of scaling out to this many servers. Virtualization means your host are limited , you may be hosting these 144 on 10 virtual host so why virtualize it and then scale out this way. I'm just cuirous and deabting myself :)

It could be based on space and resilience, always depends the size of Mailboxes, Distribution, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. But I agree they are many servers.