Exchange 2019 Search Issues

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Recently in the organization, we performed the migrating email infrastructure from Exchange 2016 to Exchange 2019
All new Exchange servers are running 2019 CU7, the Outlook client is the Office 2019 with latest updates applied.

I'm 400 mailboxes into the migration, and I'm starting to get users complaining about being unable to search Outlook.
All of the Outlook clients are in cached mode by default.

After reading a few threads I have restarted the following services on all new mailbox servers "Microsoft Exchange Search", MIcrosoft Exchange Search Host Controller" with the hop that the database search indexes will be refreshed/rebuilt. I did this yesterday and left the servers overnight, but there is no improvement in searching in my testing.

Has anyone had simliar experiences with their setup, and more importantly being able to fix these issues?
Considering Exchange 2019 is now on CU7 I find that this issue still being apparent is really poor.





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@emsantos Hello! I also have this problem! 

I have both problem in cashed and in online mode for some reason.

Did u get a solution for this?

i have problem finding emails after 2019 when searching.



You can follow this post if the users who have the problem are located in Exchange 2019

in short, try to move the users to another database or if the command 


Start-MailboxAssistant -Identity <Mailbox id> -AssistantName BigfunnelRetryFeederTimeBasedAssistant 


If the users on Exchange 2016 having this issue, you will need to confirm that Content Indexing on the database Level and ensure that it's healthy.




There is no Start-MailboxAssistant, not on Exchange 2019 CU8 at least. Anyone else successfully ran this command?

If you run this command first, Start-MailboxAssistant becomes available: Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.SnapIn

However, it won't help since the specific assistant, BigfunnelRetryFeederTimeBasedAssistant, does not seem to exist, at least not on Exchange 2019 CU9. If anyone has any information about how to restart indexing of Exchange 2019 mailboxes, without moving them to another database, I would be very grateful.

@Jan_BostromThe assistant exists (also in CU8), but it seems to be case-sensitive for me, so if I use




(capital F in BigFunnel), it works for me. Let me know if it works for you.