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Hello all,


I did disable active directory user accounts (by script) and therefore their mailboxes are disconnected. The issue is those mailboxes showing right now "ECP"  are being disabled on different dates, i mean i did disabled those AD accounts disconnecting their mailboxes on  19-8-2020, but currently showing disconnecting date on :

19-8-2020, 20-8-2020, 21-8-2020


why i do have different date for the same action. Thank you

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Hi @marco80760 


I've not come across this issue before where the disconnect date shows anything other than the date that the disconnect happened on. If you check the disconnected mailboxes through Powershell it should give you the timestamp the action occurred - this might help narrow down the other dates for those specific mailboxes.




I checked disconnected mailboxes through ECP and powershell both showing different same result (different date for the same action)@HidMov 

Hi @marco80760 


I can't explain the different dates. You mentioned that the mailboxes were disconnected via a script - is the script run on a schedule or as-is? I've not disconnected a mailbox for some time so can't check, but I'm fairly certain a event log is logged with info on when which account actioned this - might be worth checking there?