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Hi Exchange-ers, hope you can shed some light on my current woe


  1.  I have an email addresss test.shpt email address whose Department properties as itdept

     2. I also created a dynamic distribution list ( itgroup email address ) and any email address                 whose Department properties as itdept. So, in this case, test.shpt email address is part of               itgroup dynamic distribution group since its Department as itdept


  1. In the email rule, whereby any sender to test.shpt email address , that is a member of itgroup email address, would forward the mail to myself email address

   4. I use myself_ext email address to send email to test.shpt email address but apparently,           there is no email coming in to myself email address



I am trying to set this rule up because I have a 1000 email addresses with the Department as itgroup and these email addresses are not monitored. Hence, would need a forwarding rule from those email addresses to myself email address.  


Appreciate anyone can assist.




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Why do you need the mailboxes in the first place, can't you simply add those aliases to (two or more) shared mailboxes and have all the messages delivered in the same place to begin with?
As for a rule based on DDG membership, I'd make sure that all the relevant objects correctly fall under the group's filter. Apart from that, run a message trace - it should give you a clue whether the rule was triggered or not.