Can we sync the GAL and calendars of users between 2 separate Office365 tenants ?

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We have a requirement that users from one O365 tenant should be able to see the names of people in the other O365 tenant and vice versa in their address book so as to send emails. Also they need to see the calendar free-busy status of each other. Is this feature currently available in O365? I have seen that this is possible through third party tools and there is also an option to set mail contacts. However, can someone please advise if MS has this feature to sync GALs and exchange calendar information natively inbuilt in it as of now or if it will be available in the future?

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@VasilMichev Our main requirement was to share the Global address lists between the O365 tenants. Is there any reliable tool or script that can achieve this without moving information to thirdparty servers or locations? is it a feature that microsoft will bring in the future. Calendar sharing option we are aware of it. Thank you

There's a preferred 3rd party tool, you can look it up online. Microsoft is indeed going to release something in the future, keep an eye on the Azure AD blog in the coming days/weeks :)