After upgrede Exchange 2016 CU21 show old ver. ( build 2242.4)

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I've got a main domain and 2 subdomains in our organisation. Exchange 2016 CU20 was installed in one subdomain.
All was working perfectly! I've upgraded Exchange to CU21, no mistakes during upgrade! Everything was successfully!
But when I got in ECP - the version of Exchange - was old (2242.4 CU20). Now have problems with new-made mailboxes! Constantly error in sending them emails - no such users!
Before installing in main domain i've done PrepareSchema\AD\Domain; In subdomain, where exchange was - PrepareDomain.
Looking Exchange Organisation Properties (ADSI Edit) - in main domain - old version (SerialNumber - Version 15.1 (Build 32242.8)
In subdomain - new version - Version 15.1 (Build 32308.8) !! AD synhronisation is working! Wthat's the problem?
And how to solve it !!!

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