Update to the quota message service on gotdotnet
Published May 18 2004 09:56 AM 550 Views

Last night I uploaded a 1.1.0 test release of the Quota Message Service to http://workspaces.gotdotnet.com/quotamsgsvc. This is the first release to include a true installer.  During setup, the installer asks for the primary SMTP address of the quota service mailbox, and will install the service, configure it, make all registry entries, and load perfmon counters.  Uninstall works nicely too.  This is a test release, intended to help me identify the situations that need heavy setup diagnostics.  The final 1.1.0 release will include error messages around setup points.  Also new in this release is the removal of the GC Name key. Hardcoding the GC has lead to situations where the service doesn’t work when the GC in the registry is down, so now the service discovers the GC at run time. The installer does not do everything - you must still create the mailbox, assign SYSTEM full mailbox rights, and copy the quota message templates into the mailbox, but the install and uninstall process is much easier.  If all goes well, the 1.1.0 real release will include diagnostic logging around setup and message boxes explaining what has gone wrong. 

#1 failure thus far is related to creating a new mailbox and not waiting for the RUS to stamp it with an email address & other attributes before trying to use it for installation.  Don’t do that.

- Jason Nelson

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