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To enable Exchange Unified Messaging (UM) functionality, Exchange Server 2007 needs to be connected to your telephony systems. This requires some telephony equipment, knowledge and skills not previously required by your Exchange administrators. To help you kick start into exploring Exchange UM functionality, our UM Specialist Partners now offer the UM for $1000 starter Trial Kit which contains one compatible Voice-over-IP (VoIP) gateway and 2 hours of over-the-phone assistance to help you set up Exchange UM for limited lab testing purposes.

Goal of Trial Kit

The goal of the trial kit is to provide you with the opportunity to find out more about Exchange UM. Primarily designed to work with minimal telephony configuration, the trial kit contains the gateway and assistance you need to set up Exchange UM for limited lab testing in a cost-effective and hassle-free manner. Business decision makers and non-telephony-experts in particular will find this kit useful since valuable time and resources can be channeled from setting up Exchange UM to evaluating its functionality.

What You Can Achieve With The Trial Kit

The trial kit is designed to help you set up the configuration illustrated in Figure 1. Under this configuration, you have Exchange 2007 with UM installed on a stand-alone server, and an analog VoIP gateway sitting in between the server and an analog telephone line. With the server configured to accept calls, you can test some of the most popular UM features (such as Outlook Voice Access, Auto-Attendant and Play-on-Phone) offered by Exchange 2007 simply by calling the number of the phone line. Note that the actual list of UM features available for testing under this setup is dependent on your PBX model and configuration. More complex features such as Call Transfer may not be available. Call Answering is not available under this setup. For questions on features availability, please contact the UM Specialist Partner (listed in Table 1) of your choice.

Figure 1: Setup Configuration Supported By Trial Kit

Pre-requisites for Using the Trial Kit

To be able to use the trial kit, you need to have/do the following:

  1. A 32/64-bit TEST MACHINE that meets the system requirements [1] for Exchange Server 2007 Beta 2,
  2. Download and install Exchange Server 2007 Beta 2 [2] (with client Access, Hub-Transport, Mailbox and Unified-Messaging roles selected) on the test machine, and
  3. Have at least one (up to four) analog telephone line for connecting to the analog VoIP gateway.

Note that the trial kit is only meant to be used for limited LAB testing purposes only. DO NOT USE IT ON YOUR OWN PRODUCTION SERVERS!

Price and Availability Information

Our UM Specialist Partners are making available a limited number of trial kits at a discounted price of US$1000 (excluding applicable tax and shipping fees). Offer expires on November 1st 2006 or while supplies last. Please contact the UM Specialist Partner (listed in Table 1) of your choice for price and availability details.

Purchasing Information

This offer is brought to you by our UM Specialist Partners listed in Table 1. These are Systems Integrators who have received focused technical training in Exchange UM conducted by Microsoft and have deployed Exchange Server 2007 with UM extensively in their own lab facilities. To start purchasing, simply contact the UM Specialist Partner of your choice.

Company Name

Primary Contact


Adtech Global Solutions

Lisa Walton (



Tim Bakke (


Black Box Network Services

Bob Decker (

USA, Canada

Geomant Enterprise Solutions

Attila Megyeri (


Gold Systems, Inc

Deb Prenger (


Post CTI

Neil May (


The VIA Group

David Carswell, Sr. (


Table 1: List of UM Specialist Partners

What You Will Receive

For each trial kit purchased, you will receive:

  1. One AudioCodes MediaPack 114 FXO VoIP gateway (for more information on the gateway, refer to [3]), and
  2. Two hours of phone consultation with a representative from the UM Specialist Partner who will guide you through the process of setting up Exchange Unified Messaging and testing its functionality. Please note that long-term support is not included as part of the trial kit. Please contact the UM Specialist Partner of your choice for support details.

For More Information

For any clarifications needed, please do not hesitate to contact any of the participating UM Partners.






This offer is brought to you by our UM Specialist Partners listed in Table 1, not Microsoft, and the contacted partner is solely responsible for fulfilling the offer. The UM Specialist Partners listed reserve the rights to withdraw from this program at any point.

The information conveyed in this article is subjected to changes and Microsoft does not guarantee its accuracy.

- The Exchange Team

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you can test the UM functionality with the umtestphone provided by Microsoft. You can see the configuration here
Not applicable
So will this kit be supported when exchange 2007 is released in production environments or is this going to be only a "test kit"
Not applicable
It is a lot of money for just a "test kit" with no future.
Will AudioCodes MP-112 work as well?
It seems to be the same firmware for both devices, except the MP-112 is two-port only, not MP-114 four-port.
MP-112 is $240, MP-114 is $399.
Not applicable
Hello James, I believe the MP-112 you are referring to is the MP-112 FXS? You will need an FXO for this purpose.
Not applicable
The UMTestPhone is certainly a good tool to begin with but the features you can test with it will be less (for example, you cannot do play-on-phone).
Not applicable
The gateway included in this promotion can be used in production after E12 RTMs, however it is only a 4 port gateway.
Not applicable
I'm a little confused -- the FXO ports allow you to connect your VOIP line to a PBX port - or - analog telco line.  This allows E12-UM to answer a inbound (analog) call rerouted via the internal IP Network.  (true for fax as well).

So the question is what is the architectural reason or protocol issue that an inexpensive ($70) VOIP gateway with one or two FXO ports does not work?

Not applicable

UM supports SIP over TCP and not SIP over UDP.  Many of the low-end gateways only support SIP over UDP. Beyond that, SIP is a fairly flexible protocol and there is still plenty of scope for a generic SIP/VoIP not to work with Exchange 2007 UM. The AudioCodes and Intel gateways have been extensively tested.
Not applicable
Why can't we just do SIP to SIP (IP-PBX SIP ... to ... E12 SIP)?
Not applicable
Neil, it is possible to do SIP to SIP. Then again, this is subjected to how SIP is being implemented on the IP-PBXs. As mentioned in this article (, interop testings were carried out with Cisco CCM 5 and CCM 4. We had more success with CCM 5.
Not applicable
I know Cisco is highly desired, but what about IP-PBXs that are not listed (i.e. Mitel).  Is there anyway for us to test the integration?  The 3300 is a better fit for our organization and is at a much better price!
Not applicable
There has been a lot of questions about the hardware required to use Exchange UM. There has also been
Not applicable
On the 21st June 2007 a UK based Exchange User group called MMMUG ( ) held a community
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