Managing free/busy folders

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If you look at the Exchange Library page, you'll see a heading on the right called “Preview Chapters”. This is one chapter of a white paper that will be released later this year; this chapter was done ahead of schedule, so we released it by itself to get feedback on it.

If you are interested in reading it or commenting on it, download the chapter. Send any comments to expredoc AT microsoft DOT com.

- KC Lemson

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Sad thing it's a .exe. A more multi-platform format would have been much welcome for us Mac users... :'-( I'll try to get it throuhg VPC :-

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Excellent. Told me a bunch of useful things.
But one thing is lacking:
I didn't find anything on changing the
free/busy info update interval for OWA, of rather, the MadFB polling interval (default 5 min).

I've wondered myself, and seen several questions about this around the net.

Anders RM :)
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