FindTime, your favorite scheduling add-in just got better!

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For users who schedule meetings with people outside of your organization (sales, HR, supply chain, etc), it could take up to an hour of emailing back and forth to settle on a time of meetings (read more here). In addition to the lack of free/busy availability, additional number of attendees, time zones, and other factors could increase the scheduling complexity further.

FindTime can help reduce this time because it allows the meeting organizer to propose multiple potential time slots for attendees and they can vote on which slot fits better with their available time and in their local time zone. Unlike most services with similar features, FindTime is included as part of all Office and Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise licenses. FindTime also have access to your organization’s free/busy availability, so you can choose slots based on your colleagues’ availability too!

You’ve told us multiple times that you wanted to deploy FindTime but were blocked by its data storage infrastructure. We heard you and so we re-wrote the entire back-end infrastructure for FindTime, we built a new service within the Office 365 compliance boundary! Wait, what? More specifically, the organizer’s poll data is now stored in their mailbox and will not leave your tenant’s environment (woohoo EXO!).

Now that the FindTime service is within the Office 365 compliance boundary, you may be wondering about your users outside of the US. For those who prefer to have their Outlook experience in their native language, we have made FindTime available in 13 languages - Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, Italian, French, German, Portuguese (Brazilian), Korean, Japanese, German, Turkish, Russian, and Spanish, and their poll data will be stored in their mailbox too!

Your users can access FindTime from the Office add-in store or you can deploy it to your tenant following the instructions in the following article:

We hope that with this update, FindTime will help reduce the amount of time people spend trying to find a time to meet that works for everyone!

Doris Deng & Gabriel Valdez Malpartida

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Does FindTime add in work in GCC tenant?

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Where the poll data as well as information about meeting and participants are stored? (checking whether it's GDPR compliant)


@Lmnycha3009  We don't restrict access from GCC on our end so you should be! 


@Mister_Rock as mentioned at the end of the 3rd paragraph - "More specifically, the organizer’s poll data is now stored in their mailbox", it's all stored in the organizer's mailbox. 

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The people who have the most meetings to schedule, and who are the most difficult to schedule for, usually delegate access to someone to schedule in their calendar on behalf of them.


I still don't see a way in FindTime for these delegates to seemlessly use this service because they cannot initiate these on behalf of the delegate nor can they receive them for them in the same manner as delegated calendar events.  They end up creating a FindTime poll that includes the schedules of twice as many people (one for each official, and one for each delegate), which gets quite messy.  Any thoughts on how to avoid this or when a delegate integration will be featured in this tool?

Can we help with Czech translation?


Any Powershell command so that admin can see and/or change findtime user setting?


The biggest request that I get from my users is delegate access. The only solution I've found online is to access another users mailbox via the OWA and use FindTime as that user. Unfortunately, this doesn't work as we don't give schedulers full access to the execs mailboxes. We really need delegate access to be supported to use this function. Is this on the road map?

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What about locale in French the interface to create the poll is in French but the invitation is all in English that is really bad!

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Hi @The_Exchange_Team


The new version of Find Time is not holding proposed meeting times on respondents calendars since migration to Exchange.  It is working for the sender of the poll/meeting host but not the attendees/respondents.   By the time the poll closes attendees availability has changed and they have to start over finding a new time to meet.  This is a critical feature of Find Time and was a available in the previous iteration.  




Are you able to share or point to more technical details on how Findtime works. For instance Microsoft Graph yes/no....delegated vs. application level permissions...etc. Don't need the secret sauce, just need to understand what it can/cannot do with the data it has access to.


The install directions state it does not work in GCC. Based on your comments on this post, is that wrong and need to be updated?

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Also looking for a PowerShell module for FindTime

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Any way to select language to send poll to others? 

I'm using Japanese for Outlook, but want to send poll in English to my colleagues.


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1. Is there a way for delegates who are doing FindTime polls to have the delegator be the host and for the delegate to not be included in the list of attendees?
2. Is there a way for the holds to be placed on the delegator's calendar and not the delegate's?

3. Is Microsoft planning on integrating Zoom as an optional default instead of Teams when setting up a poll? In the same vein, it should give the option to use the delegator's Zoom instead of the delegate's.


If you need a guinea pig or want more feedback on making FindTime a more useful/user-friendly tool for delegates, I volunteer! 

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