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Hi All

I am really new to this so apologize but i am trying to add up a list of values based on 3 criteria's using the below formula and it is returning a value error but if i take out the 3 criteria it is returning the sum but for all of the values because i have removed the 3rd criteria, should also mention the first 2 criteria's are horizontal and the third is vertical hence the transpose bit in the formula any suggestions would be really great thank you   



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How about



@Hans Vogelaar 


Unfortunately, no that doesn't work either.



Try this then:




Please note that I used Apr!$N$5:$AG$24 to match the size of Apr!$K$5:$K$24


The TRANSPOSE must be wrong!  I suspect you should be using two XLOOKUPS.  The first restricts the search to a column and the second searches within it for the cell to return.


@Hans Vogelaar 


Thank you so much that worked perfectly