What's the differences between `LookIn:=xlFormulas` and `LookIn:=xlFormulas2` when using Range.Find

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I am using `Range.Find` in my macro, and I noticed that `LookIn:=xlFormulas2` is only supported in office365.
Thus, I have to change my codes from `LookIn:=xlFormulas2` to  `LookIn:=xlFormulas`.

What I am wondering is that what's the differences between these two.

I've found the explanation page between Formula and Formula2 in the following link.

Do `LookIn:=xlFormulas` and `LookIn:=xlFormulas2` use `Range.xlFormulas` and `Range.xlFormulas2` respectively?

As I understood, despite of the fact that they are implemented by different algorithm, these two args will only result in speed difference when using `Range.Find`.

Am I right?
(I found that LookIn:=xlValues are actually getting Range.Text, so I would like to want to get some confirmations...)

formula vs formula2:


Lookin API (which does not mention xlFormulas2?):


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I've reported the Help page being incomplete (and I don't really know the answer!)