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Hello Everyone, I have a number of Excel Projects that were started using some VBA Coding and or Macros.  I am in need of help to complete these projects and would like to know if any one would be so kind to assist me.  Some code in most instances is in place but it either needs to be expanded upon or corrections are required to fix changes that had been made to correct an oversight that was not considered at the time of creation.  Is there anyone out there who knows VBA that is willing to help me get these or some of these projects completed.  Please, I really need help here.  I will respond with project or projects upon someone's willingness to assist me.  IE: I will attach files with explanation of what I need.  Please and Thank you.  Carl

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Hi Carl_61
I'm an Excel/VBA designer as freelance. I accept to have a glance on your Projects, but if the code is too badly written and/or the requested modifications too heavy, I may stop my help unless you are ready to retribute my efforts (350$ per day).
With best regards
Thank you for replying to my post. I will ready my reply to you with a look at one of my projects and an explanation of what I need. Hopefully it won’t be to heavy of an ask but I’m sure you will tell me. Just curious, where are you from or at. I am in Texas, USA
Hi Carl_61. I'm located in France
Thank you. I thought you were outside the US based on where you placed the $ sign.