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I am trying to create a formula with an IF function and OR for around 37 different text options with 1 text result. EG =IF(A5=OR("ABC","DEF","GHI"AND SO ON),"XYZ","0")

But am coming up with a #VALUE error. I'm not sure if I am typing the formula wrong or if I am showing too many arguements.

Please would some be able to offer any better formula options or advice?



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You can simply use IF(OR .

if or.JPG 


Another possibility would be with MATCH():





And yet another alternative that is closer to your original attempt:


=IF(OR(A5={"ABC","DEF","GHI",...etc...}), "XYZ", "0")


Caveat:  Are you sure that you want the string "0", not the number zero (without double-quotes)?