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So I am made a sports betting model (very simple) and its more so just for fun. But I have been more and more interested in improving it. I recently started using power ratings found online from different sources.

Basically I have 4 different sources (power ratings) and I use the html function on excel to get them into my workbook. I then use a drop down arrow and Vlookup to get the different matchups projected spread from that power rating. And because the sources I use do not have the same names on their site (unfortunately) for example, For the Charlotte 49ers,

One says Charlotte 49ers, The other says Charlotte, another says North Carolina - Charlotte and the other says Charlotte.

So I have to put the matchup in four separate times (which is annoying).

I was wondering if anyone knows how to help me with my problem, so I only have to put the matchup in one time and it pulls from all my data bases.


Thanks in advance.

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I assume they are differing renderings of the same team name?

For me, the solution would to be to conduct a 'wildcard' enabled search

    "Not found",

where the final 2 introduces the wildcard setting.  Without XLOOKUP, I am guessing; perhaps

        ISNUMBER(FIND(Name, TeamName)),

but I am not the ideal person to answer non-365 questions.

If only don't care that


Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, FL

Charlotte, MI

Charlotte, Canada


are different cities.

True; the trick is to provide the minimum number of wrong answers required to define the question. A somewhat archane game of answer and question!

@Peter Bartholomew 


What is wildcard?  

Both within XLOOKUP and the xxxIFS family of functions a "?" and a "*" can have special significance matching a single character or multiple characters respectively. That allows a search to be conducted for a substring occurring within the target string.

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