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Can anyone help please?

I have tried vlookup but it is bringing up spill error and if bringing up #n/a.

formula is to show which ones are 1 line deliveries (column J)  then links the delivery number on sheet 2 (column a) so it returns volume (column c) then I want it to show if it is > =212000 if it is i want it to return the value "overspill" any ideas? I have attached worksheet below.


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@rach1345 Your file doesn't include the VLOOKUP formula you describe and thus doesn't show the SPILL error. But, the fact that you get a SPILL error means that your Excel version supports dynamic array functions. So, scrap VLOOKUP and start using XLOOKUP.


Having said that, SPILL indicates that the formula is trying to spill the result into multiple cells in one go. If that range of cells is not empty, Excel can't output the result and returns a SPILL error.