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I usually access Salesforce through excel, but since this morning the connector seems to be missing from the "Get Data" drop-down. Any ideas?


If I go to "Data source settings" I can see Salesforce listed, will all Permissions working OK.



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same here, for unknown reasons all Azure connectors including SharePoint connectors are missing. I'm on Build 1901. (Insider)

FYI: the other file connectors are there, but I need SharePoint list connector now.


Are you on Pro?





no I'm on Home Version, but I want to bet if worked before..But I didn't try to build a connection for very long time. So I could be wrong...

Can you tell where it's written in which Version is which connector available. Some are at least working. (File,XML and so on.) I suspected already something like a "higher-grade" version is required.


I'm note sure where is the documentation for 2016, but if to check PQ add-in download page, System requirements, it says 


  • Microsoft Office 2013:
    • Power Query Premium: All Power Query features available for: Professional Plus, Office 365 ProPlus or Excel 2013 Standalone
    • Power Query Public: Available for all other Office 2013 Desktop SKUs. Includes all Power Query features, except the following ones: Corporate Power BI Data Catalog, Azure-based data sources, Active Directory, HDFS, SharePoint Lists, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Teradata, Exchange, Dynamics CRM, SAP BusinessObjects, Salesforce.

Exactly the same for Office365 - for Pro versions is PQ Premium, all the rest, includes Home, are on PQ Public.


I have both E3 and Home subscriptions, never seen on the latest Premium connectors.



without being able to bring evidences, I have the feeling my 2016 Home and Business Version lost features from 2016 to 2019.

I read that those packages contain "full featured applications", but well. I think things like these happen. I don't know why live need to e so complicated and why Microsoft decides to build Variants differentiating on such a deep level of detail. This is not going to make difference to income of MS, but User support so much harder.

Anyway, I am a lucky guy and my company is in the Home-Use Programm. So I got me there a "Professional Plus 2019" Version. The connectors re appeared and the problem is solved.


Bad luck for the ones in future, who might get into the same situation of feature erosion.


You can still use the connectors that are not available with non pro versions; as power query needs them for compatibility reasons (the only thing missing are the buttons to call them).

Just open a blank query and write the data functions directly.

For example: = Salesforce.Data()