Multiple level Sorting not working in excel

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Under the data menu, no options are available until I select a range of cells. But once this is done, I cannot add multiple levels of sorting parameters. When I choose +, only the name of column A appears. 

I used to be able to select only some rows and sort that selection only; now, even if I make a selection, the entire document is sorted. 

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If your data is in a range formatted as a table you cannot sort "just" one column. Excel forces you to sort the entire table to ensure the rows of the table remain intact.
I was not trying to sort "just" one column. I was trying to sort some rows, including all the columns labeled in the sheet.

Meanwhile I found the issue, and I wonder if you can tell me what happened: I had added a column before column A, gave it a name, but whenever I deleted or added rows, column A (Type) was unaffected. And sorting some or all of the document was impossible.

I deleted the new column and inserted a new column in between two of my original columns, and placed the new date in there. Everything works fine now.

Is it bc I had originally set up the spreadsheet as a table, so when I added a column outside its perimeter, that column wasn't recognized as part of the table?

(This is Lisakristel who first posted the issue. For some reason, Microsoft sent me to the registration page after I signed in, refusing to believe I am lisakristel, and set up a new screen name for me.)
Hi Lisa,

Hard to tell without seeing your workbook I'm afraid. If you can share an anonymized copy, that would be useful. You can upload files when in the "full text editor", or you can upload the file to your OneDrive and share it from there and paste the link here.