Insert line feed in concat function

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I have a postal address in 5 cells in a column. I want to concatenate the data into one cell, formatted as a multi-line address. I have tried to insert ASCII characters 10 and 13 to provide line feeds but it doesn't work.

Wrap text is of no use since the individual lines are of differing length and therefore increasing/decreasing the cell width doesn't work generically.

I don't want to have to go through 100 cells inserting ALT + Return for each line.

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1. Set the entire column to wrap.

2. Use this formula:






Thanks for the response.

I tried wrapping the 5 columns before trying the TEXTJOIN command. It made no difference.

I then ran TEXTJOIN and used Wrap on the output column. The data from the source cells appeared as one string with no spaces between the original source text. I then increased the column width but the text was merely constrained by the column width and took no account of line feeds. 


You need to format the output cell with Wraptext=true into the Alignment tab