index & match formular in two sheets

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want to apply formula

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Please help us to help you by providing more detailed information.

Have to match Subcriber name from two sheet but the response is ROW no whereas expectation is to get the name from particular field


Let's say the sheets are named Sheet 1 and Sheet 2.

On Sheet 1, you have subscriber names in A2, A3, etc., and the value you want to look up in D2, D3, etc.

On Sheet 2, you enter a subscriber name in B2.

Enter the following formula in (for example) C2:

=IFERROR(INDEX('Sheet 1'!$D:$D, MATCH(B2, 'Sheet 1'!$A:$A, 0)), "")


=XLOOKUP(B2, 'Sheet 1'!$A:$A, 'Sheet 1'!$D:$D, "")

The formula can be filled down.