Ifs statement

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Seeking assistance with one formula in cell b1 that would display the following text based on formula below. I believe it would be a nested formula, however, answer shows as "NA"  

if a1<23000,"Normal Deferral"

if a1 >23000 <=30500, "Age 50 Catch-up"

if a1 >30,500, "Pre-Retirement Catch-up"


Appreciate any guidance

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@DonM9049mentions   try this:


=IFS(A1<23000, "Normal Deferral", AND(A1>=23000,A1<=30500), "Age 50 Catch-up",A1 >30500, "Pre-Retirement Catch-up")


Note in first AND statement you have to make it >= 2300 otherwise the number 23000 will give you an N/A




Excellent. Appreciate your prompt reply. Sometimes the answer is right in front of you but you just don't see it!