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I´m trying to write a simple formula along the lines of: IF((1<2<3), "ok", "x")


Why does excel return x and how do I rewrite it, so the excel returns ok?



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=IF(AND(1<A1,A1<3), "ok", "x")


Does this return the intended result? Basically you have to reference the cell that you want to evaluate.

Thank you! This works perfectly
(I didn´t realise, that AND is necessary in this case)
FYI, just so you understand, when you write 1<2<3 excel will interpret that as a single equation piece by piece and after the 'first step' will have either TRUE<3 which results in FALSE. That said if you try 3>2>1 then you have TRUE>1 and the result is TRUE. Basically excel considers T/F values > any numeric value. For example, 3<2>99999999 results in TRUE because 3<2 is FALSE and FALSE>9999999 evaluates to TRUE.
I'm a strong believer that it is very important to understand HOW your tool works.


Beautifully answered, Thank you!