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I'm trying to figure out how to write a proper VLOOKUP function that allows me to pull the proper multiplier from the table below based upon the user's dropdown selections for "Year" and "Asset Type" on the form below that table ...


So, in this example, the user selects Asset Type of "Tractor (< 29HP)" and the Asset Year of "2018" from the two highlighted drop-down lists on the form, I need the function to pull the corresponding multiplier of "0.45" from that depreciation table ...


The multiplier of "0.45" is then to be used to multiply against the "Original Asset Cost" to calculate the Depreciated Value.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's possible VLOOKUP isn't the best option, so all suggestions are welcomed. 



DepSched SS.PNG


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You can try INDEX and MATCH. There are dropdowns in cell B15 and B16 in the attached file.

index match.JPG

This works perfectly. Thank you for your help with this ! @Quadruple_Pawn