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Help with SUMIFS

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Hi Everyone,


I have a table where Column A has dates and Row 1 has headers. All other cells have values. I need to sum the values for all cells between Columns Q and GZ that meet 2 criteria: date in Column A must equal TODAY() and header in Row 1 must contain a specific string "xxx xxxx". I have tried the formula below but it is not working and I cannot figure what is wrong. Please help. Thanks!


=SUMIFS(Q:GZ,A:A,TODAY(),1:1,"*xxx xxxx*")

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Take a look at the online help for SUMIFS():

The Criteria_range argument must contain the same number of rows and columns as the Sum_range argument.



If SUMIFS does not work, any ideas of how I can get the job done?


You can always try SUMPRODUCT().



=SUMPRODUCT((A:A=TODAY())*COUNTIFS(1:1;"*xxx xxxx*")*Q:GZ)