help please

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I'm trying to create a formula that will populate a cell (G1) with a date , using the date in A1 and add days (7,30,7,30)  creating a date format, dependent upon H1 which will have a corresponding series of responses ( Urgent, none urgent, for info, medium)


I'm going round in circles 


Can anyone help me please?

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In G1:


=IF(OR(A1="", H1=""), "", A1+IF(OR(LOWER(H1)={"urgent", "for info"}), 7, 30))


Format G1 as a date.

Fill down if required.

Can you pls share a screenshot of your file or Can you pls explain how & when to add days (7,30,7,30). Also, confirm how the dates in G1 should be related to H1  ( Urgent, none urgent, for info, medium) @dilitch