Help on a sports stats compiler (Game Scores, Goals For & Against, and Standings)

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Hello. Maybe there's a template out there that does what I'm trying to do. I want to insert scores of games, collect team goal tallies, and update standings. So far, I'm accumulating "Goals For" manually (RED GF = B3+D6...N6) and the same with "Goals Against" (RED GA = D3+B6...L6). This all works fine, until I do a Data Sort on the Standings, to put teams in order of Wins. Of course, doing so changes all my equations for Goals For and Goals Against because the teams no longer line up with their game scores. Is there any way I can do a Data Sort and still keep the corresponding TeamHockey League TEST.png Goal numbers the same? (This illustration shows the Standings before a Data Sort.)

Thank you for your time.

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@Jim_Shoulak I would recommend that you change the manner in which you capture the game results. In the attached file I've used a table with a few extra columns so that the standings can easily be calculated in another table that can be sorted in any way you desire.