hash # doesn't work with CubeValue formula

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I have tired to use CubeValue with # and couldn't make it work. 

I have tried both CubeValue syntaxes, no luck. Has anyone managed to use it with #?

For the same power pivot data I was able to use # with with getpivotdata but I want to use CubeValue.



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Hi @Edouardbrasier 


could you provide more information on how you intend to use CUBEVALUE with # in your environment? Usually, with Cube function you dig directly into the datamodel and I cannot think of how # would help here.


you can quickly create a test environment with OLAP Tools and convert to Formulas. It will create cubevalue formula from the pivot table. My question is not to discuss if it makes sense or not to use cubevalue with #, I'd like to know if it is a bug or not.