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I am, for some unknown reason, to me, classified here as a relative beginner, though I have been posting on this forum, or its predecessor, using the same email address, for over ten years.  Anyway, I only mention that just in case it has a relevance to the interface issue that I am experiencing.


During a conversation of the past week, I experienced that an MVP was seeing a rich text posting ribbon that was quite different to the one I was seeing.


My posting ribbon looks like this -


The "top" of my forum postings Reply 'window'The "top" of my forum postings Reply 'window'

but the MVP's ribbon looks like this -


Screenshot_2019-06-26 Re Create a pop-up form for entering current 'block' of cells.png


which means that he is able to 'properly' enter code in his postings by using the pop-up (shown below) when he presses The Insert Code button


Screenshot_2019-06-26 Re Create a pop-up form for entering current 'block' of cells(1).png


The MVP and I were having a very useful, to me, interaction regarding some VBA coding and use of a form; it was very frustrating, and mildly embarrassing, to me, that I was unable to include code (in the correct posting format), in my posts.


The MVP who I was corresponding with had no knowledge of why I was seeing such a different ribbon.  Does anyone have any ideas why?  I am experiencing the same thing in Firefox, Edge and Chrome; I am operating under Windows 10 (automatic update).


With thanks in anticipation.



Bendigo, Victoria


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@Jan Karel Pieterse 


Thank you for alerting me to that.  I tried to discern correctly where to post my post and I am pleased that you have posted the issue where you have.  I would be quite happy to have my post merged with yours, or whatever, but I don't know how to do that.


Thank you for making the effort to draw the issue to the attention of the team.