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I am working on a new checkbook workbook for 2024. I have It set up so that as each entry is marked accrual throughout the year, it is moved to another sheet for easy copy n paste to send to my corporate counterpart. The one thing I cannot get to come over is the GL code which would be the column name. What formula would I use to get that information to transfer over?







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You have not mentioned which version of Excel you are using.  If Excel 365 or Excel for the web, then you have access to the LAMBDA function and the related MAP function.


In the attached workbook, I include two similar formulas, depending on whether only one cell in columns H through T will have a monetary amount (a number), or whether there might be multiple such cells.  The formula you choose will be located on your second worksheet, and the range reference $H12:$T12 will be prefixed with the first worksheet's name.